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Hello there!  I’m Johnny, aka “Real Faction”.  I have 14 years of editing experience, and I am available for hire to edit gaming videos for your YouTube channels, such as VRChat, highlight videos from Twitch streams, and game walkthrough videos.

I’m also a music producer, and can add many different styles of music to your videos (no extra charge) with existing songs of mine.

Below are examples of my work, prices/hourly rate, and conditions of service.  The content below is slightly NSFW and Mature-rated, so viewer discretion is advised.

Examples of My Editing Work


For basic editing, my rate is $10 per hour.  However, if you want me to add extra stuff such as fancy effects (within my capability), that will be a little extra depending on what is asked of me, or if you want me to find something in your stream following the conditions of my service, which may require me to take a day off of my main job.  I can also do more than the examples above, as I’m still building my resume.

Conditions of Service

– You must be 18 or older to hire me.

– If it’s a Twitch stream, I recommend getting a viewer to clip their favorite moments so add to your clips section during the stream.  It’s okay if that’s not possible.

– If you don’t know where the footage you want is time-wise in the video, I’ll need a description of what I should look out for (like background visuals) so I’ll know where to look.

– I can’t watch entire streams (due to my schedule), and this is optional, but I recommend using the /marker command on Twitch for streams while streaming for when I highlight chunks of the stream to download as clips.  It’s okay if you can’t, but here’s how if you want to:

– I’ll need access to your YouTube Channel as a Manager and need you to add me as a Twitch Channel Manager in the Permissions section of the Dashboard on Twitch.  When hired, I will give you my account info to add me as a manager.

This is normal procedure for editors, and can be found here:

(look to the bottom of the page in the Managers section)

(will be at the right side of the page)

If you have any questions, or wish to hire me, please contact me at (or on Discord if someone told you about me you can add me through them).

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