Songs For Use

Here you can purchase songs for commercial use (anything you make money off of) and non-commercial use (non-profit work) such as games, videos, and more!  Any use of my music after January 9th, 2018, is required to have a license to legally place it in any media such as games, videos, etc.

Alongside payment, all you have to do is credit me as Real Faction for the music and link back to this website, contact me at for verification so I can clear what you’re using it for.

Below, you will see genres of music I have created over the years that are available for use.  $10 per song (hover over track and to the right click “Buy this track”).  You can stream them for free to preview each track.

Cinematic Pack:

Electronic Pack:

Metal & Rock Pack (Coming Soon!)

Hip-Hop Pack (Coming Soon!)

If there is a track you wish to use that you don’t see here, let me know, and I’ll link you to it individually, and possibly put it in the next pack! 🙂

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