January 11th, 2018 – New Year, New Hip-Hop EP, Pixel Day, Music Packs for Commercial Use

Does anyone even read these anymore?  Who knows?  Hopefully, you’ve been keeping up with my Newgrounds and Twitter.  I posted a new Talking Real episode on my YouTube channel, as well as some new music from my hiphop side project, “Kid Project”The self-titled debut EP drops January 19th (next Friday) for FREE downloading.  How about that? 🙂  It will be added to the Discography page, of course.  I also did the artwork for the cover myself.

Kid Project EP

The latest Talking Real episode is about 2017, the year in review type ‘o’ deal, but the next episode I’ll be recording soon, and will be talking about my theory on Death Stranding’s latest trailer.  It got a lot of upvotes in the YouTube comments section on the video, so I’m happy about that.


Also, look forward to Pixel Day, the newest Newgrounds holiday I pitched to Mr. Tom Fulp, and it’s our 3rd annual!  WOO!  We’re both judges again this year as well, and have prizes such as $100, and a free copy of Iconoclasts from the creator himself! 

You can read up more on that here:

Looking forward to what you all have to submit! 🙂 Remember to tag your submissions with “pixelday2018”! 


Finally, you may have noticed a new button on the menu near the top.  Yep!  To celebrate all my years of doing commissions, I’m releasing them (and other songs, some new) in organized music packs by genre for commercial/non-commercial use.  Each song is $10, but the bundle saves you money on all the songs.

“The Factory” Cinematic and Electronic packs are now available for purchase for your projects, more of them on the way soon:


Finally, I’m working on a secret new project, I’ll just leave this here:


That’s all for now!  Follow me @RealFaction on Twitter and to stay updated!


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