August 26th, 2017 – Changing How I Do Commissions + The Future + Venturescape

I’m changing the way I’m doing commissions, which I will talk about below, but before anything else, go check out episode 1 of my new series, Venturescape, I worked hard on it as well as my awesome team:

First, I want to ask, what would you guys like to see on my channel?  I notice Symphonic Metal, Industrial Rock, Piercing Lazer stuff, and 8-Bit Chiptune music are what get the most views sometimes.  I’m not really making progress in my current direction, and want to get the money I need since I am broke, life is hard right now, and I’m not getting many commissions and want to change gears a bit with my future.  As for commissions…

Over the years, I’ve made songs for wonderful people with YouTube channels and a upcoming games, but that time is coming to a close.  The conditions for commissions will be changing.  I need to do more with my future since financially, I’m still in a real bad spot.  From now on I will only do commissions for games and animations, along with my personal music projects.

I know some will be bummed about this, sorry guys :c I just feel I need a new direction to improve my life, I don’t want to do commissions as often anymore, I’m getting burned out.  I’ve been trying to think of what I should do with my future, how I can make more money, how to improve my life.  I want to focus more on Piercing Lazer, too.

I want a writing career more than anything,  to write for tv and film someday, and maybe try improv comedy and more voice acting, but while that builds, I want to make money somehow.  I really appreciate the support, but nothings really changing, I’m not getting anymore money or views.  I put a lot of work into my music, but I need to see results, progress in my life.  I need money more than anything right now and a definite direction, so I have to improve my life somehow.

I’ll still be working on Piercing Lazer music and finishing commissions I’m currently working on though.  Life’s kinda in a slump right now, I need a miracle to be honest.  Gotta figure it out.  Thank you guys for your awesome support, I’ll keep you updated.

August 24th, 2017 – Flareheart Studio is now Lazer/Venturescape

Been a while since I’ve posted here, mostly I post to my Newgrounds page.  I decided it would make more sense if my official website was under my name.  It’s a fan site but also my business site, and gives you the latest on what I’m up to.  So, say goodbye to Flareheart Studio.  Same site, just different name.  I wish I had forums where you guys could ask me questions and discuss stuff.

In other news, lately I’ve been working on more commissions that in the near future will be on my youtube channel, and working on Piercing Lazer music.  For a few years I’ve been working on a concept record that will be split into 2 EPs, 6 songs each.  Besides that, still gotta record vocals for the deluxe edition of The Other Side, that’s next.

This part’s a bit different.  Most people didn’t really know I love writing and ever since I was a kid, I’ve wanted to be a screenwriter for films and tv shows.  It’s what I’m the most passionate about.  So, for 7 years, I’ve been kind of hush-hush about this book I was working on which turned into this audio series called Venturescape.

I’ve gotten a lot of wonderful voice actors involved including the famous Brizzy Voices and Marissa Lenti of Funimation and Rooster Teeth.  I’m a big fan of them so I’m psyched.  Episode 1 premieres tomorrow (I’ll link that here when it does) on my channel and Newgrounds.  Been working with a wonderful new indie team called Lazor Focus, you can check em out here:

Check out the trailer here, and stay tuned at 8 PM Eastern Time tomorrow for the first episode!  I’ve gotten wonderful artists involved as well to flesh out my characters.  Talented.  That’s all for now, stay tuned!


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