NOTICE 8/26/17: Conditions for commissions have changed.  I only do commissions for animations and games now.  For more info:

Welcome to the Commissions  page (previously the Catalog page)!  Below, you will see the prices, genres of music that I can make for you when you order a song, and how to pay.

Before I go into that, here is my contact info! 🙂

Contact Email:

Here’s a demo reel of 16 of the different styles I can produce.
Below is a list of the other genres I can do.

DISCLAIMER: Make sure you decide on what kind of song you need before purchasing your order.  If you know how to explain it to the best of your ability,  I will know how to properly produce the song to your liking.

Note:  Though I can’t mix ANY genres together, but shoot me an idea, and I sure can try!  If you plan to make changes to the song (such as adding/replacing instruments) beyond what was originally discussed, extra charges will be applied.   YouTube links to similar songs helps.  Be sure to check the list below to see if I can do the genre before you order.


Once you have decided on what genre(s) you want the song to include, you can click the “Buy Now” button to make payments after you send me an about your order.  If you cannot pay all at once, we can talk about a payment plan with separate payments.

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

   Commission Prices (Base price)

–  1 minute (or less) song: $60 (full price varies with song complexity)

–  2 minute song: $90 (full price varies with song complexity)

–  3 minute song: $130 (full price varies with song complexity)

– 4 minute song:  $150 (full price varies with song complexity)

– 5 minute song: $180  (full price varies with song complexity)

(if you wish to request an extended loop of the song for up to 30 minutes, there is no extra charge to what you ordered 🙂 )


Genres I can produce are checked with an X in the boxes beside them, if there’s no X, I can not.  These are only genres I know, but anything not listed here, I cannot do (however, I CAN combine genres depending on what they are).

I do not produce remixes of copyrighted music, but I can do covers of them.  Please note that I cannot record electronic instruments yet, but I can program them into a song.

[x] Acoustic
[   ] Blues
[x] Cartoon (for animations or wacky styled music)
[x] Cinematic
[x} Classical (some)
[  ] Country
[x] Electronic
– Electronic Subgenres-
– [x] Ambient/Atmospheric
– [x] Big Beat

– [x] Breakbeat
– [x] Chiptune/8-bit
– [x] Downtempo
– [x] Drum ‘N’ Bass
– [  ] Dubstep
– [x] Electro House
– [x] Electro Swing
– [x] Happy Hardcore (Sometimes called Nightcore)
– [x] House
– [  ] IDM
– [x] Industrial
– [x] J-Pop
– [x] Speedcore
– [x] Synthwave

– [x] Techno
– [x] Trance
[x] Folk (some)
[x] Funk
[x] Hip-Hop/Rap
[x] Honky-Tonk /Ragtime
[x] Indie
[x] Jazz (some)
[  ] Latin
[x] Metal
-Metal Subgenres-
– [x] Alternative Metal
– [x] Black Metal
– [x] Celtic Metal
– [x] Death Metal
– [x] Deathcore
– [x] Djent
– [x] Doom Metal
– [x] Folk Metal
– [x] Glam Metal
– [x] Gothic Metal
– [x] Groove Metal
– [x] Heavy Metal
– [x] Hardcore Metal
– [x] Industrial Metal
– [x] Metalcore
– [x] Melodic Metal
– [x] Nintendocore
– [x] Nu-Metal
– [x] Pirate Metal
– [x] Power Metal
– [x] Progressive Metal
– [x] Screamo
– [x] Speed Metal
– [x] Southern Metal
– [x] Symphonic Metal
– [x] Thrash Metal
– [x] Viking Metal
[x] New Wave
[x] Orchestral
[x] Pop
[  ] Reggae
[x] Rock
-Rock Subgenres-
– [x] Alternative Rock
– [x] Classic Rock
– [x] Hard Rock
– [x] Gothic Rock
– [x] Grunge
– [x] Progressive Rock
– [x] Punk
– [x] Ska

Thank you for your support, this greatly helps support me in keeping this business running for all my wonderful fans/clients. 


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